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Hongqi Ye

A Photographer of Portrait and Environment Portrait, living in Shanghai, China. Became freelance photographer in 2012 with the passion of art and photography starting from student age. Starting from 2014, I focused on series photography about humanistic narration. Chinese minority people and its traditional culture is the main subject that I am working on.

My major series photoworks is "The Miao Family of China," which started in 2014, the photographs taken in five provinces, twelve Miao’s living areas, and eighty-five Miao villages with total thirty thousand kilometers driving. The series also included three local dialects of Miao region and about twenty subsidiaries of Miao group.

In 2017, Six photographs from series “The Miao Family of China” awarded “Grand Prize” in "Faces, Portrait Photography Contest” of PDN magazine USA. And the awarded photographs and the interview were published by PDN in March, 2018. In June 2019, the Photobook of The Miao Family of China published by Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House.