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Great Plains Area Membership Director (AMD)


Marty Welter· ✉

Welcome! As the Great Plains Area Membership Director, I welcome you to the many photo opportunities in our 8 states! My excellent group of State Membership Directors and I are here to guide and support our PSA members through the vast complex of PSA activities and services!
Show off your photos and improve your photography! Below are some opportunities for our members! 

PSA Chapter in the Great Plains Area
Wisconsin Chapter - Chair:Signe Emmerich, HonPSA, EPSA·Chapter Overview

Iowa State Membership Director (SMD):
 ✉ Marty Welter· 

Kansas State Membership Director (SMD):
✉ Marty Welter·

Minnesota State Membership Director (SMD):
 ✉ Karen Leonard, PPSA· 

Missouri State Membership Director (SMD):
 ✉ Cindy Lynch·

Nebraska State Membership Director (SMD):
 ✉ Marty Welter· 

North Dakota 
State Membership Director (SMD):
   ✉ Marty Welter· 
South Dakota State Membership Director (SMD):
   ✉ Marty Welter· 

Wisconsin State Membership Director (SMD):
    ✉ Marty Welter·


Individual Member Activities

  • Online photography classes
  • Online study groups
  • Photo competitions
  • Individual image evaluations
  • Online mentors and consultants
  • Digital slideshow contests in several PSA Divisions
  • All activities of the Divisions (special interest groups)
  • Annual PSA Conference
  • Monthly PSA Journal with photo articles by other PSA members

Member Club Activities

  • Help with programs, newsletters, websites, and running photo contests.
  • Even non-PSA members can enter any of the Division's Interclub photo contests!
  • Look on your state's web page to find a camera club near you.
  • Join the N4C for their monthly contests and 2 different annual conventions
  • Share and discuss the monthly PSA Journal with photo articles
  • Enter the newsletter contest and get suggestions for improvement
  • Enter the website contest and get helpful hints
  • Receive the Projector newsletter

Council Activities

N4C at is the North Central Camera Club Council.

Chapter Activities

Wisconsin hosts the PSA Wisconsin Chapter at

Visit PSA often at PSA's Facebook page