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The Photographic Alliance of America (PAA) is granted only one submission of FIAP Distinction applications in any one year, and the applications must all be submitted at the same time. For the PAA, the closing date for completed applications to reach the FIAP Liaison Officer will be March 31 each year.

The process starts the preceding November 1. Full details and the schedule for the next year’s application process are on this website beginning with the “Distinctions” webpage. The significant dates (deadlines) will also be posted in a timely manner on the Photographic Alliance of America Facebook page. Click on the Facebook logo (above-right) for a direct link, and bookmark that link. There will be plenty of time to register and submit a completed application for anyone who has achieved the criteria.

Schedule Summary for AFIAP, EFIAP, and EFIAP Levels Distinctions

  • Acquire FIAP Photographers Card and FIAP Platform Number before filling out the Online FIAP Distinction Registration 

  • Submit the Online FIAP Distinction Registration and make Registration payment: after November 1 and before January 10

  • 2021 FIAP Distinction Packets sent to registrants: after January 15 

  • Submit completed FIAP Dossier for checking: after January 25

  • Send completed application with approved dossier and make application payment: after January 25 and before March 31 

Schedule Summary for MFIAP Distinction

  • Send a “MFIAP Portfolio Registration” email anytime during the year. When the email is received, a required online Registration will be requested and the registration payment will be paid.

  • Email confirming plan to proceed to create Portfolio for MFIAP: as soon as possible

  • Submit completed Portfolio: anytime during the year, but not after January 20