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PSA-Member Clubs and Councils

Club Services Chair

✉ Rick Battson·

Council Services Chair

✉ Kathy Wall, APSA·

PSA offers an Organization Membership for clubs, councils of clubs, societies, institutions, and groups having activities and interests consonant with those of PSA. See a list of the benefits of Club/Council membership.

If you are not logged in as a PSA-member Club, you will be redirected to the home page for login if you select a PSA-representative only topic - noted with a star (*).

Keep Club Information Accurate

Clubs, Council and Federation representatives are encouraged to ensure that their information is accurate, complete and current at all times. Log into PSA and go to My Account for all updates. Contact PSA Headquarters if you do not have the Club Representative's Log on name or password, at

If an organization's representative resigns his/her position as the PSA-Member Club/Council/Federation Representative, please give login information to the organization's replacement so that the organization maintains access to PSA-Member Club Benefits.

To reveal or hide information regarding specific Club topics, please select it below. To see all information, select "Show All."