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Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, PPSA, BPSA, AFIAP, EIUP

My name is Ahmed Mohamed Hassan, Egyptian freelancer photographer, now based on Doha, Qatar. I love travel around the world, my favorite photography sectors are Travel, people life, street photography and portraits .

In 2016, I started my passion to travel around the world to explore different cultures, as I do believe that nothing is better than doing what you like and pursuing your dream. Each image I shoot is not considered a subject, rather a story that captures my Heart before my lens, because it touches my soul and make me feel the story behind it.

I have achieved many International Distinctions including: AFIAP - PPSA - EIUP - AICS - GPU CR 2 - ASWAN - BEPSS - LUSPA - EFMPA - GPU Aphrodite. I earned the PPSA distinction in 2018. I earned the BPSA Portfolio distinction in 2019.