2020-21 3D Interclub

2020-2021 3D ISCC interclub Competition Round 1 Awards and Honorable Mention Winners

FIRST PLACE: Bombo Quarry by Mark Brennan of Sydney Stereo Club

SECOND PLACE: Botswana Leopard  by Steve Hughes  of Georgia 3D
 (no permission to display image)

THIRD PLACE:  Locked Shed by Jim Metcalfe of Sydney Stereo Camera Club

: Crater Lake, Oregon by Lee Pratt of Georgia 3D

Honorable Mentions:

 Between Coyote Buttes by Lee Pratt of Georgia 3D

 Sunglasses Lost by Mark Brennan of Sydney Stereo Camera Club

50s Style Pin Up Fun John Bueche of Ohio Stereo Photographic Society

Meteora Divine Rocks by George Themelis of Ohio Stereo Photographic Society