PSA Educational Videos - ProShow Producer

Getting Started in ProShow Producer

Learn how to make your first photo slideshow in ProShow Gold.

How to Automatically Fade Soundtracks in ProShow Gold + Producer: ProShow Gold 6 +

Producer 6 let you automatically fade your soundtracks with new, handy audio tools. Learn how it's done in this quick video

Using the Favorites Tool to Highlight Effects in ProShow Gold + Producer

The new Favorites feature found in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer 6 allows you to quickly highlight and navigate to your favorite slide styles and transitions in ProShow.

Using the Record Slide Timing Feature in ProShow Gold + Producer:

In both ProShow Gold and Producer, the Record Slide Timing feature lets you adjust the timing of your slides to match the beat of your song. Learn how it's done in this quick video.

How to Mute a Video Clip in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web:

Learn how to mute a video clip in ProShow Gold, Producer and ProShow Web, so that just the visuals from your video play and not the audio.

Using Text Macros in ProShow Gold + ProShow Producer:

Macros allow you to quickly create informative captions on your slides and can be a real time saver. Watch this video to learn how this works in ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer.

ProShow Producer Keyframing Basics:

Run through a basic keyframing example to help introduce you to the concept of using keyframes in your slideshows. This example shows off one of the most basic uses for Keyframing - making an image fly onto the screen and having it freeze in place.