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The Photographic Society of America (PSA) has a collection of more than 4000 vintage and contemporary photographic prints which have been given to the Society since the mid-1940s. A History of the PSA Print Collection is described in an article that was written for PSA's 75th anniversary. These prints are being archived, cataloged, documented, appraised, logged into a database, professionally scanned, and preserved in appropriate storage.

The agreement between the University of Central Oklahoma (UCO) and PSA anticipates (1) using the images in exhibitions at a network of museums and institutions around the world; (2) creation of educational materials including publications on photographic art, drawing upon the gallery's experience in producing publications on art and its association with publishers and distributors world-wide; and (3)  licensing images to appropriate stock image companies for reproduction to a variety of clients internationally over the Internet.   All of these uses will be in fulfillment of PSA's educational mission and are expected to generate revenue for the society.


See Projected Image Collections for a description of this committee


There will be additions to the collection in the coming years.  This may include not only prints, but slides, digital images, and books.   The images in PSA's collections which are provided to the gallery and other collected images which will not be managed by the gallery, are planned to be used in ways which will serve PSA  members and promote photography generally.  

Historic Prints of the PSA Print Collection describes the history behind some of the prints in the collection. 

PSA Collections Committee Master Operating Manuals:

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