PSA Membership Dues & Rates

Membership Categories:

PSA offers three membership categories (individual, photographic organization and youth) for 1, 2 or 3 year terms.
  • Individual members have the option to receive the monthly PSA Journal in printed form or in a digital format, via the PSA Website, at a reduced rate.
  • Club representatives recieve a printed copy of the PSA Journal to share with their fellow members.
  • Youth members (under 18 years of age) may enjoy many of the same benefits as individuals, including the option to receive either the printed or the digital journal.
Digital membership rates for Individuals are the same worldwide. Membership rates for Individuals who want to receive the printed journal are based on area of residence. Canada, Mexico and USA rates are listed first, followed by rates for those residing outside North America. Club memberships include the printed journal and are not offered as digital memberships.

PSA Membership Categories And Rates - At a Glance

MEMBERSHIP CATEGORY 1 Year 2 Years 3 Years
Standard Membership with Print Journal - (Adult or Youth)
Includes monthly printed copies of the PSA Journal by mail AND complimentary access to the online and mobile PSA Journal
Adult Membership - USA, Canada, Mexico $60 $115 $165
Adult membership - Outside USA, Canada, Mexico $100 $195 $285
Youth Membership: Under 18 Years - USA, Canada, Mexico $50 n/a n/a
Youth Membership: Under 18 years - Outside USA, Canada, Mexico $90 n/a n/a
Photo Club/Organization Membership
Includes monthly printed copies of the PSA Journal only by mail (NO online or mobile PSA Journal access)
Photo Club/Organization - USA, Canada, Mexico $45 $85 $120
Photo Club/Organization - Outside USA, Canada, Mexico $55 $105 $150
Digital membership - (Adult or Youth)
Includes online and mobile access to the PSA Journal (NO printed PSA Journal by mail)
Digital Membership - Adult $45 $85 $120
Digital Membership - Youth: Under 18 Years $35 n/a n/a
Individual copies of the PSA Journal and Who's Who publication may be purchased for $5.00 US each

PSA Refund Policy

The PSA Membership fees are not to be treated as a Journal subscription. As a matter of standard policy, PSA does not refund payments for which a membership has been processed, a membership ID provided and access to services and all benefits enabled. If a member has unintentionally made multiple payments for the same period of membership, the additional payments may be refunded or, if the member agrees, used to extend their membership.