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PPD - 2018-02-15 10:29:00

  • Bob Benson, APSA, judged
  • Pears and Grapes by Cindy Lynch of St. Louis, Missouri, First Place Star Color winner
  • Color and Mono Gallery
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Cindy Lynch, of St. Louis MO, wins for the first time this contest year with her First Place Star Color, Pear and Grapes

Our judge, Bob Benson APSA, tells us that it is a “Wonderful still life. The use of darkness to frame this is superbly done. Darkening the pear’s edges reinforces the feel and 3D quality of the image, while creating a vintage look. The arrangement is simplistic and very effective, with just enough detail in the base of the print. The maker understands that good blacks and tonal range are very important in a well done color print.”