PSA Journal

Writing for the PSA Journal

For over 70 years, members have been writing articles for the PSA Journal. Tremendous changes have taken place in both the photographic industry and in the printing industry. While many of the key elements of preparing a manuscript for publication are the same, new technology has brought some new requirements.

The current method for submission of material for the Journal is via the Upload Image Tool (see link above). For email submission, potential authors should simply attach a Microsoft® Word file to an email (or several emails with attachments to have no one email over 20MB) and send them to the PSA Journal Editor at If the author has a problem sending attachments, the text can be copied directly into the body of the email.

Providing a digital file for an article allows for immediate review of the document because it does not have to be re-typed and is a very efficient way to ensure that the submission is exactly as the author has written it (with the exception of editorial changes that are deemed necessary).

Authors should not use all capital letters. They should use regular type (not script), upper and lower case letters, and not double-space the text or leave wide margins. The right-hand margin should not be justified. A Checklist for Authors has been prepared and should be utilized during the preparation of a manuscript.

Digital submissions of the article's images are preferred. More images than can be used should be sent and both horizontal and vertical images allow for a first-rate layout. Specific images should not be referenced in the body of the article. The Editor will select the images to be included. The digital files should be prepared for offset printing. Uncompressed TIFF files are preferred. The file name should identify the image. Punctuation or symbols should not be used in the file name. All files submitted for publication in the PSA Journal must be 300 dpi. Do not over-sharpen an image at any stage. If an image contains a recognizable person and is not a news or editorial image, the Journal will require a model release: this includes model portraits and some travel images. Model Release (pdf)

Prints or slides are to be sent to: PSA Journal Editor, 2728 Cashion Place, Oklahoma City, OK 73112. They will be scanned according to the size at which they will be printed, and at the brightness and color levels based on the settings the PSA Journal commercial printer uses. 

The PSA Journal deadlines must be met. There is a two-month lead-time for all scheduled material. All non-scheduled submissions are used when the Editor can work them into issues. If an article is being submitted for a particular issue, the finished article needs to be into the PSA Journal Editor 60 days before the first day of the issue month. The PSA Journal does not write articles from a member's notes. Only a prepared document will be considered, subject to editing.

If a submitted article is on file at the PSA Journal office for a long time, it is possible that there just has not been the space, or space was needed for other articles to meet PSA guidelines, emphasize a theme, or balance the content. Articles can be returned upon request. Occasionally some material never works into the magazine and is returned.

Occasionally members submit an obituary regarding a member who has passed. There are specific manuscript guidelines for preparing an obituary for the PSA Journal.