The PSA Journal includes recurring articles prepared by member-columnists who are regular contributors to the Journal. The Publications Vice President identifies potential Journal contributors and develops the theme or topic with the writer. The contributors write their own column based on the topics, software, books, and questions that are current. Some topics or answers to questions are inspired by member's suggestions or questions.  Members are encouraged to correspond with any of the PSA Journal Columnists to suggest subjects, areas of interest, and ask questions that the columnist might address.

Maria_Altenburg.jpgBook Review Editor

Marie Altenburg, APSA, PPSA, who joined the Society in 2008, is the PSA Journal Book Review Editor. Marie, a retired schoolteacher, lives in both Florida and Pennsylvania and belongs to a camera club in each location: The Boynton Beach Camera Club (Florida) and thePocono Photo Club (Pennsylvania),where she is the PSA Club Representative. A member of PSA's Everglades Chapter, she also served as an EID Study Group Coordinator. In addition to traditional print publications, Marie reviews electronic books.

PORTRAIT-LANE_ALEX.jpgHardware Review Editor

Alex Lane, is the PSA Journal's Hardware Review Editor. Alex joined PSA in the 70's and then rejoined in 1980. He was the Secretary of the International Slide Study Circuit as well as its Director for 15 years. Alex retired from General Motors after working as a product Engineer and now lives in Bradenton, Florida. He shoots mostly nature images using both Canon and Nikon equipment.

CaroleKropscot.jpgJust for Beginners

Carole Kropscot, APSA, joined PSA in 1977. She began attending the PSA Annual Conference and became very active in her camera clubs in Pennsylvania and Texas. Carole served as Secretary on the PSA Board of Directors from 2005 to 2009 and she earned her APSA in 2008. Carole graduated from the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago and taught French. Her photography hobby turned into her own business in Kansas, Creative Photo Services, for photo restoration and slideshow production. She has a reputation for helping people understand the complex subjects of computers and photography. All of Carole's columns can be found in My PSA.

 PSA and Video

Realizing advances in video technology is within reach of every PSA member. Bill Buchanan volunteered, in February of 2014, to begin a series of columns in the PSA Journal to explore, share and advance this wildly exciting technology with fellow members.

All of his columns can be accessed from My PSA.

Erik_Kissa.jpgQuestions and Answers: Photographic Equipment and Techniques

Some years ago, Erik Kissa, FPSA, MPSA, gave a lecture on close-up photography. He answered questions from the audience and that Question & Answer exchange was published in the Reflector, the newsletter of the Delaware Photographic Society. This started a monthly Q&A section, which has lasted for more than ten years. In 2006 Erik became a Consultant for the PSA New Member Services Web site and he contributed a collection of previous questions and answers to the site. Since then he has received and answered questions from PSA members all over the world.  Erik's feature, Questions and Answers: Photographic Equipment and Techniques, appears monthly in the PSA Journal, and a more extensive series of Q&As are on the PSA Web site in My PSA.

Brad_Ashbrook.jpgSoftware Review Editor

Brad Ashbrook is the PSA Journal Software Review Editor.  Brad, who joined PSA in 2009, was the recipient of a PSA scholarship and graduated from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 1987, majoring in Imaging and Photographic Technology.  He has been employed in photography related pursuits: sales manager with Sinar Bron, employed in the computer industry for several years, and the audio-visual industry since 1997. A resident of Florida, Brad has authored feature articles for the PSA Journal.

Tips and Techniques

This is a shared column with three instructors: Mark Southard, FPSA, who will talk about Adobe Photoshop Elements; Bill Brown who will discuss Adobe Photoshop; and Bob Benson, APSA, who will offer information about Lightroom. All of their columns can be accessed from My PSA.

That's My Take

John Martin writes a monthly column that covers a wide range of photographic topics -- presented from his point of view. Occasionally opinionated, the articles contain tips from his experiences as a landscape and street photographer. Additionally, he often includes travel tips gleaned from nineteen one-month photography trips to destinations around the world. When John retired from hospital engineering, he immediately enrolled in a regional photography school (as the oldest student ever) in an effort to "...fix my bad photography habits." John joined PSA only last year. He has completed PSA's Image Analysis course and is a volunteer in the Travel Aide program.