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Erik Kissa, APSA, MPSA

Kissa_Erik.jpgDr. Erik Kissa, APSA, MPSA, is an active exhibitor, having received numerous Star Ratings and Galaxies in the Color Projected Image, Photo Travel, Photojournalism, Nature, and Print (Small Color) Divisions. His photographs have been exhibited on every continent, except for Antarctica. His extensive experience in photography ranges from a 4x5 camera to medium format and DSLR cameras, film and digital.

As a PSA Consultant Dr. Kissa responds to questions regarding photographic equipment and techniques at, contributing to the PSA Journal with a monthly Q&A column.

He is a frequent judge for International Exhibitions, the Delaware Photographic Society, and other photographic organizations in the Delaware Valley region. Erik is the PSA Club Representative for the Delaware Photographic Society. He has served locally as a mentor, program and workshop director, and past Chairman of the Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography.

As a chemist, he has worked as a research fellow for Du Pont and as a technical expert for the United Nations in India, China, and South Korea. His research has included theory of color, dyes, light fastness, and pigment printing inks. He is the author of three surface chemistry books and coauthor of four others. One of his twelve US patents describes an electrochromic system, relating electricity and color.

Sky Light

Santa Lucia

Church Street

Lamp and Stairs

Happy Driver

BW Beard

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