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  PID Open
PID Creative Nature Division
Director/Email Bob Benson, APSA Tom Peterson Mike McNeill
Club Register by October 1 November 15 October 8
Rounds/Year & Dates Four: Nov 1, Jan 1, Mar 1, May 1 Four: Dec 15, Feb 1, Apr 1, Three: Oct 15, Jan 15, Apr 15
Groups & Entries/Round

A,B,C,D,E: New clubs start in Group E, 6 images by 6 members

A,B,C: New clubs start in Group C, 6 images, maximum of 2 images/member A, B: New clubs start in Group B, 6 images by minimum 4 members
Entry Method Upload Images Upload Images Upload Images
Rules & Awards/Round

Digital only, 10% receive Awards, 10% receive HMs (ribbons), Make-up entries not eligible for awards
Cannot re-enter any images.

"Altered Reality," 6 digital files, up to 6 images given awards (ribbons), 6-8 images given HMs (ribbons)
Cannot re-enter any images.
Digital images of scanned slides/film, Blue ribbons awarded to 5 highest-scoring images, approximately 10% of the images awarded a red HM ribbon, no make-ups
End of Year (EOY) Awards 3 highest scoring clubs in each group receive EOY certificates All Awards images are in EOY** competition that selects 6 BOB (PSA Silver Medals) per group. A single BOB (Gold Medal) image chosen from all 12 images. All award and HM images presented at PSA Annual Conference. High Point clubs earn certificates All Award images are eligible for EOY competition after the 3rd round. Image of the year awards are given for groups A & B.

Photo Travel
Pictorial Print
Director/Email Joseph Kubala Greg Duncan Louis T. Duncan, PPSA
Club Register by October 10 November 15 October 1
Rounds/Year & Dates Four: Nov 15, Jan 15, Mar 15, May 15 Three: Dec 10, Feb 15, May 15 Four: Oct, Dec, Feb, Apr
Groups & Entries/Round

One Group: 6 images, max of 2 images/member

One Group: 6 images by 6 members Five categories: Large & Small Color, Large & Small Mono, and Creative. 4 prints by 4 members
Entry Method Upload Images Upload Images Mail Prints
Rules & Awards/Round

Digital images designated as PJ General or PJ/Human Interest. Ribbons for top 2 images in PJ General and top 2 in PJ Human Interest. Up to 5 HMs per round.

Digital only. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place per round. HMs should receive min. score of 12. 10% of images may qualify for HM. Prints. 1st, 2nd, 3rd & one HM for 10 entries in each category
End of Year (EOY) Awards High Point club receives plaque. Top PJ General & Human Interest images receive plaques with ribbons to 2nd, 3rd, & HM winners 3 highest scoring clubs in each group receive EOY certificates.

EOY Top three highest scoring clubs receive 1st, 2nd, 3rd Place Certificates in each category

  3D Division
Director/Email Suzanne Hughes
Club Register by November 1
Rounds/Year & Dates Three: Nov 7, Feb 7, May 7
Groups & Entries/Round

One Group: 6 images, maximum of 2 images per member

Entry Method Upload Images
Rules & Awards/Round

Maximum of 2 stereo images per individual per competition. Top 5 images -1st thru 3rd, up to 5th place awards depending upon how many clubs enter. Awards & HMs depends on number of clubs.

End of Year (EOY) Awards

Best Images are awarded 3DD Gold Medal for 1st. Silver and Bronze Medal are awarded for 2nd and 3rd based on the number of competing clubs.