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Raymond De Badrihayé, PPSA 


Raymond de Badrihayé was born in Bruges (Belgium) in 1941. He has been a member of PSA since 2000. Photography has inspired him since his early childhood. Over the years he studied the subject in depth and came to master it mainly through home study. As a self-made photographer, he learned how to handle and apply all aspects of black & white as well as colour photography, both in digital and film formats.

At the start of his photographic career he purchased a camera with a fixed lens, which he used mainly for family and holiday pictures. Soon he became a member of several photographic societies, which led to the purchase of a camera with interchangeable lenses. As a result of this, his development gained considerable momentum. In 2001 he took the step to digital photography and added bird photography to his many photographic interests.

He achieved his first success in 1976 at Ieper (Ypres) in the Euro-Picamera contest, where his picture "Deugniet" (Rascal) received an acceptance. Following this he took part in several more exhibitions and contests. He was awarded a number of distinctions and prizes both on county levels as well as national and international levels. He received his PPSA in 2012, his EFIAP in 2004, and his AFIAP in 2001. In addition to PSA, he is a member of the West Flanders Union of Pictures and Slides (WVFD), the 'Belgian Federation of Photographic Circles' (BFFK), and the 'Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique' (FIAP).

Through the Wall
Motor Girl
Rode Bessen
Volle Galop

All images © Raymond De Badrihayé