Club Competitions

PSA Club, Council, & Chapter Website Contest

PSA Club, Council,
& Chapter Website Contest Directors


Dick Sprott
Jean Roberts
Each PSA-member club or council and each PSA chapter currently maintaining an Internet website is eligible.

Results of Previous Club Website Competitions

Entries Open January 15. Closing date is March 15.

Entry Groups

There are two entry groups based on the number of members in the organization (club, council, or chapter). The person responsible for entering the organization's website will identify the group's size on the entry form. The two groups are:

  • Group A - Organizations with 75 or more members 
  • Group B - Organizations with 74 or fewer members 

All entries are submitted by completing the Online Entry Form.

Download the Website Contest Categories and Criteria. (updated January 2016)


  • Once an entry is received, the website URL provided is checked to assure that it is correct, and the organization's PSA membership is validated to assure that the group's membership fee is current through October.
  • Experienced webmasters judge the entries. A judge must be an individual member of PSA and cannot judge an entry group (large or small) which describes his/her club.
  • The entries are sent to the judges on or before March 30 for the judges to complete their scoring and comments. The judges review each entry and rate it for its overall design, layout, navigation and ease of use, content, organization uniqueness, browser compatibility, functionality, language and legal considerations.
  • Upon completion of the scoring process, the score sheets are returned to the Contest Directors. 
  • The Contest Directors then tabulate the scores determining the First, Second, and Third place and Honorable Mention recipients in each group (small club and large club).
  • Once this process is completed, judge’s comments will be sent to the person that submitted the club, chapter or council entry.


The awards will be a First, Second, and Third for each Group. The number of Honorable Mentions presented will be determined by the number of entrants in each Group. These awards are presented following the Club & Council Competitions Program during the PSA Annual Conference.


First, second, and third place winners in each entry group receive an engraved award. Ties may be awarded. Certificates are given to all honorable mentions. Results are posted on this page and in the PSA Journal and The Projector.

All winners will receive a commemorative logo for their website homepages once the judging is complete and the winners posted.