PSA-Member Clubs and Councils

Clubs and councils of clubs have had a significant role in PSA from the very beginning of the Society. PSA offers an Organization Membership for clubs, councils of clubs, societies, institutions, and groups having activities and interests consonant with those of PSA. PSA communication with a member Club or Council is through the Club or Council PSA Representative.

A list of PSA-member clubs and councils has been prepared that is in two sections: North America and Outside North America. The North America list is organized alphabetically by states and provinces, and the outside North America list is organized by country. Each listing includes the club/council name with the club/council web site linked from the name. Where possible, the Club Representative's name is linked to his or her email.

PSA Member Clubs and Councils receive many benefits - all of which are accessible by the link for PSA-Member-Club CLUB SERVICES area (see last choice on left pane). To use this link, PSA Club Representatives will need their Club I.D. number and Club password.

PSA-member Clubs and Councils hold many competitions throughout the year. Every division hosts an Interclub Competition, a comparison of which can be viewed on the Interclub Comparison Chart (see left pane for a direct link). Be sure to also check the Interclub Deadlines chart, a handy reference to keep track of when each competition round closes. In addition, Clubs and Councils hold an annual Newsletter Contest, Website Competition, and Council's Challenge.

PSA communicates directly with all member clubs and councils by sending, via email, a quarterly newsletter called The Projector. This newsletter is sent to the email address for the Club or Council Representative for each PSA-member club and council.

Club Service Awards are presented in recognition of photography service efforts made by PSA-member clubs in communities worldwide. The award recognizes clubs participation in photographic projects of a civic nature such as town or area publicity, welfare and charity fund-raising, historical documentation, animal adoption, nature conservancy, community promotion, free holiday or event portraits, and education in the art and craft of photography. There is a minimum waiting period of three years between receiving successive PSA Service Awards for Clubs. See Service Awards for more information and past recipients of the Club Services Award.

PSA offers an image analysis course on site for Clubs, Councils and Federations. In addition, it offers information on how to host a PSA-recognized exhibition. Information on both can be accessed by Club Representatives in the Club Services area.

Clubs, Council and Federation representatives are encouraged to ensure that their information is accurate, complete and current at all times. Use the Update Club/Council Information link, found in the left pane of the clubs, councils, and federations pages.