PSA Club & Council Benefits

Become a PSA Member Club if you are not already one

PSA offers memberships to organizations (which includes clubs, councils, societies, and federations). There are many benefits for these organizations, and below is a list of benefits for PSA-member organizations.


  • Access to the PSA Club Services area of the PSA website where Consultants are available to help PSA-member club's leadership with the following:
    • Club Communication
    • Club Community Service
    • Club Programs
    • Club Recognition
    • Getting Started
    • How to Host an International Exhibition
    • PSA Club Forums
    • PSA Education Services (PSA Image Analysis Course on Site for Organizations)
    • PSA Interclub Competitions
    • PSA Judging Service
    • PSA Membership
    • Public Art Archive Community Service Project
    • Technical Assistance
    • Youth Showcase.
  • A copy of the monthly, full-color PSA Journal and annual Who's Who in Photography to bring to club meetings and share with club members. 
  • Receive the quarterly PSA newsletter for clubs/councils, called The Projector, which includes updates and ideas for PSA-member clubs and councils.


  • Invitation to join the Photo-Editors online forum which provides sample articles and other information for the club/Council editor and Webmaster.
  • Invitation to join the Camera Club Sparkle online forum, which provides an information exchange for club/Council officers and the PSA Club Representative.
  • Listing on the PSA-member club's or Councils' "List of all PSA-member Clubs," the PSA Membership Area Webpage on the PSA website, and a link to the club's (or Council's) website.


  • Opportunity to enter the six free PSA digital Interclub competitions (PSA-member clubs only).  These Interclub competitions include Projected Image, Creative, Nature, Photo Travel, Photojournalism, and 3D images.  There is also a free Print Interclub competition with five print competitions offered.
  • Opportunity to sponsor high school aged youth in the Youth Showcase.  The publicity generated by the Youth Showcase is beneficial in recruiting new club members. 
  • Opportunity to submit the club/council's newsletter and website to the PSA Newsletter and Web Site contests.
  • Opportunity to submit an application for the PSA Club Service Award (for Service to the Community) and gain recognition for the club.
  • Use of the PSA Logo on the club/council newsletter, web site, brochure, etc.
  • Opportunity to participate in the Public Art Archive Project. this is a public service project using club memb er's photographic skills to capture and archive images of public artworks for the Public Art Archive's database.


  • Discounted customizable, template club or Council website that removes the workload from one person and assures the maintenance & safety of the images and data.
  • Discounted software to manage the conduct of digital club or Council competitions.  
  • Reduced cost of various products and services of interest to photographers: seminars, workshops, Webinars.


  • Club judging service for every division; including real-time, remote judging for digital images.


  • PSA Image Analysis Course on Site for Clubs, Councils, and Federations

  • PSA Program lending Library, where organizations can request DVD/CD Programs of popular PSA programs to show to their organization

International Exhibitions

  • A PSA Consultant available to give advice on Digital Projectors, Projection Screens, Print Viewing, and Computerized Judging Systems.