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Mikhail Bondar, PPSA


Mikhail was born in 1956 in Zaporozhye, Ukraine. In 1977 he finished military college. Between 1977 and 1993 he served in the Armed Forces. Has received five State and Government awards. After the termination of his service in the Armed forces, he studied at the International Institute of Law. He began his career as a lawyer in the prosecutor's office. From 2001 he started to work as a judge of the Appeals Court.

Photography has been his main hobby since his early childhood. He is a member of the Union of Photoartists of Ukraine, Interessengemeinschaft Internationaler Wettbewerbs – Fotografen (IIWF). Mikhail joined PSA in 2006. In 2010 he became the PSA International Representative in the Ukraine. He received his PPSA in 2011. He also has a HonFHIP and EFIAP.

He has participated in over 500 International Exhibitions and has received more than 250 medals and other Awards. Mikhail's works have been repeatedly noted with significant awards, such as the Grand Prix Europe (2005) and the World Cup ISF 2010. His photo works have been shown in the International Museum Photos (Spain).

His photo-preferences are Artistic Photography and the Art of digital painting.

Rising Planet
Yellow Tree
Aviator 2
Rising Planet 4
Rising Planet 19
On a Pasture

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