Recognition of Service

PSA Journal Awards

Charles Keaton Memorial Award  

The Keaton Editorial Award was donated in memory of the late Charles Keaton, who wrote extensively for the PSA Journal. The Keaton Award is presented during the Opening Meeting of the PSA Annual Conference to a Journal contributor who has supported the magazine for a long period of time with feature articles. Feature articles display text and photographs by the same author which means that other forms of contributing such as regular columns or P-Essays do not qualify for this award.

Previous Charles Keaton Memorial Award Recipients
2015 Andrey Antov, PPSA
2014 Elena McTighe, FPSA, EPSA
2013 Sammy Somekh, APSA, PPSA
2012 Moshe Geizler, PPSA
2011 Jane Black, FPSA
2010 Dana Vannoy
2009 Joseph Hearst
Derek Slattery
2007 Mark Fohl
2006 Robert Leonard
2005 Keith Vaughan
2004 Russell Rohde
2003 Ira B. Current
2002 Tony Patti
2001 Louis J. Powell
2000 Ray Wallace Thompson
1999 Onas C. Scandrette
1998 Kenneth M. Deitcher
1997 Carole Honigsfeld


Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award

The Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award is presented at the Opening Meeting of the PSA Annual Conference to the author of the article considered the best feature story in the PSA Journal from the prior calendar year. The award was named for Elmore R. Chatham, the Mid-Atlantic Zone Director from 1987 to 1994.

Previous Elmore R. Chatham Memorial Award Recipients
2015 Ying Chun Jerry Pan, EPSA
2014 Jim Backus
2013 Nancy Wolejsza
2012 William Barnett, MPSA
2011 Cynthia Walpole
2010 Tatiana Slepukhin-Zamachnaia
2009 Fred Drury
2008 Dana Vannoy
2007 Dennis Poeschel
2006 Leo Palmer
2005 Gerald Siegel
2004 Debbie Jefkin-Elnekave
2003 Norma Mastin
2002 Carol-Ann Rogus
2001 Gregory D. Mayberry
2000 Keith Vaughan
1999 Richard M. Frieders
1998 DC Belanger
1997 removed
1996 Sharp W. Todd