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Amin Shaikh, FPSA, MPSA


Shaikh Amin is from Islamabad, Pakistan. He started photography in 1965 and his distinguished photographic career covers a period of over 40 years as a chief photographer with Aramco and as a successful exhibitor. With more than 2500 acceptances in international exhibitions in 50 countries, Shaikh Amin is the recipient of over 50 Gold medals including many PSA Gold medals. He has also been awarded numerous honors and honorary memberships by photo societies around the world.

Shaikh Amin, a PSA member since 1966, received his APSA in 1994 and FPSA in 2000. He was awarded an EPSA in 2010. He has received numerous Galaxies in CPID and PT. FIAP honored him with an EFIAP in 1998 and EFIAP/b in 2010.

Shaikh Amin has been a PSA International Representative (IR) in Pakistan since 1995. In recognition of his services for the promotion of photography and PSA, he received the PSA IR of the Year award in 2008. He is currently Executive Member of the Directory Board of the Photographic Society of Pakistan and Vice-President of Islamabad Camera Club.

Shaikh's work frequently appears in national and International publications, in books, magazines, and on the World Wide Web. He receives regular Invitations to Special Exhibitions and Jury Sessions in Pakistan and abroad.

Fishing in Inle Lake

Poppy Flower

UPM Arches

Two Flowers

Rainbow View

Crystal Beauty

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