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PPD - 2016-05-20 10:29:00

  • Gene Morita judged
  • Ice Vista, by John Spittle of Sebergham, Cumbia, England, Star Color First Place Winner
  • Color and Mono Gallery
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The winner for April is Ice Vista by John Spittle of Sebergham, Cumbria, England. It is the Star Color First Place winner, and John’s second win this year.

The judge Gene Morita, told me “This picture is a standout over the others. First, the picture has impact. As I looked through the group of others, I stopped when I came to it and just looked and enjoyed it. The composition of the image is very strong with foreground of the snowy banks leading into the reflection of the mountains then to mountain and clouds and the dramatic sky. It is very well printed with great rendition of the colors, good detail in the light and dark areas, The photographer saw the scene and captured it well.”