3D Interclub

3D Interclub Competition 2012-2013 Results

3D Interclub Competition Information

Club Standings Nov Feb May Totals
Sydney Stereo Camera Club 52 52.5* 56 160.5
Atlanta Stereographic Association 55 50 55 160
Ohio Stereo Photographic Society 51 51 56 158
LA 3-D Club (SCSC) 51 51 54 156
Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club 51 49 55 155
Victorian 3D Society 50 50 53 153
Cascade Stereoscopic Club 39 47 53* 139
Stereo New England - 54 54 108
Detroit Stereographic Society 39* 47 -- 86

*Host Club scores are calculated as follows:
Detroit - Host November - 7th Feb, Did not enter May - 39 + 39 =78/2 = 39
Sydney - Host February - 2nd Nov, 1st May - 51 + 54=105/2 = 52.5
Cascade - Host May - 7th Nov, 7th Feb - 53 + 53=106/2 = 53

Individual Awards May 2013
1st Place George Themlis Ohio Stereo Photographic Society Cat Outdoors
2nd Place Louis King Stereo New England Bad Mirror
3rd Place John Hart LA3D Club The Lost Koenig
Hon. Mentions Mark Brennan Sydney Stereo Camera Club Foggy Outlook
Anthony Bignell Victorian 3D Society Iris
Nancy Moxom Sydney Stereo Camera Club Pink K1
George Themlis Ohio Stereo Photographic Society Protecting Her Eggs
Bob Venezia Puget Sound Stereo Camera Club Sailing Past Paradise
Suzanne Hughes Atlanta Stereographic Association Santorini Bay
Individual Awards February 2013
1st Place Jim Staub LA3D Club Cactus Blooms
2nd Place Jay McCreery Stereo New England Dedham Bike & Leather
3rd Place David Allen Cascade Stereoscopic Club Pink Orchid on Red
4th Place George Themlis Ohio Stereo Photographic Society Eyes Wide Open
Hon. Mentions David Kuntz LA3D Club Snout
Dennis Hanser Detroit Stereographic Society Crisp Point Restored
Lee Pratt Atlanta Stereographic Association Autumn in Utah
Larry Moor Atlanta Stereographic Association The Face of Time
John Beuche Ohio Stereo Photographic Society Bees Eye View
Anthony Bignell Victorian 3D Society A Wizard in Oz
Anthony Bignell Victorian 3D Society Full Tilt
Individual Awards November 2012
1st Place Don Munsil Puget Sound North Lighthouse
2nd Place Lee Pratt Atlanta Maroon Bells
3rd Place Ray Moxom Sydney K1-Ondrej Tunka (CZE)
Hon. Mentions Eric Deren Atlanta Low Break
Cassie Kaufman LA 3D Club Lily Reflection
Bill Moll Atlanta Bert
Peter Ogier Vic 3D Siesta in Venice
George Themelis Ohio Blooming Flower
George Themelis Ohio Mouths Wide Open
Stewart Turley Puget Sound Roll on Columbia