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PPD - 2013-08-23 07:42:01

  • From the Pictorial Print Division
  • Exhibition Medal winners from past calendar year (2012)
  • Four categories: Large Color, Large Mono, Small Color, Small Mono
  • 2012 Award Gallery
  • Click image to enlarge

Large Color:
1st - Stanley Wong, Canada
2nd - Rene Faes, Belgium
3rd - Nils-Erik Jerlemar, Sweden

Large Monochrome:
1st - Larry Durbin, USA
2nd - Elek Papp, Hungary
3rd - Kwan Leung Cheung, Hong Kong

Small Color
1st - Joao Taborda, Portugal
2nd - Susan Cowles, USA
3rd - Linda Oliver, Australia

Small Monochrome
1st - Susan Cowles, USA
2nd - Gary Potts, USA
3rd - Jan-Thomas Stake, Sweden