First Year Members

New Member Activities

Veronica Barrett of Surrey, England, is seen here photographing near Tangle Creek in Jasper National Park in November of 2012. She was on a tour led by Darwin Wiggett, a well-known Canadian landscape photographer.
Jian Cai of Fujian Province in China
Rick Verbanec of Pebble Beach, CA, is out enjoying landscape photography in foul spring weather in Yosemite Valley. He's had a long- standing interest in photography and, now retired, has the time to pursue more than casual photos.
Deddy Hariyanto, of Malang, East Java, Indonesia, is a government officer that has been interested in photography since high school. He purchased his first DSLR in 2010. He loves to take landscape, nature, and people pictures. He joined PSA to improve his skills.
Muhammad Yani Sidi, of Malang, Indonesia, likes traveling and taking photographs to share. He is still learning about nature photography (birding and macro), human interest, and landscape photography and is now trying to learn about portrait photography.
Sugeng Novianto of Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia, loves landscape, nature and human interest photography.
Roger (aka Doc) Moore, from Cleveland, Ohio, enjoys nature and architectural photography with unusual lighting, such as twilight or night conditions. This photo of him was taken with his colleagues from the Cleveland Photographic Society while on a club field trip.
Deborah Schoen, of Niceville, Florida, takes a picture of her father (a PSA member), who is taking a picture of her. Deborah enjoys photographing inanimate objects, mostly nature, and then making them unrecognizable on the computer. She also has a newfound love for HDR photography.
Cheryl Gribble of Napa, CA, teaches a 5-year-old how to use a remote shutter release to create a self-portrait with the DSLR on tripod. She wants to instill a life-long interest in photography by teaching photography to children.
Chiu Jung-Chin from Taoyuan, Taiwan, was in China in 2011 and found it to be a beautiful place.
Pete Wilson of Paignton, UK, enjoying a coffee in historic Cockington Devon.
Chang Ming-Chih from Taiwan was photographed in Japan where he was photographing nature subjects.
Doug Coleman, of Kennebunk, Maine enjoying the magnificent view of the high peaks from Mills Lake while hiking and capturing the beauty in Rocky Mountain National Park.
Vincent Scothern in the Peak District, Derbyshire in the UK
One of Yaprak Soysal's images received an acceptance in Photojournalism at the 2012 Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography in Wilmington, DE.
Peyton Roberts from Wrentham, MA, is waiting for the best shot at Oak Island, NC. He enjoys taking pictures of shore birds.
James C. Scott, in a self-portrait, enjoys outdoor photography specializing in old architecture, old barns, anything outdoors.
David Somali-Chow is learning to create an array of photographs from under the sea to up on the land.

Linda Weiman from Cincinnati, Ohio, shooting a Cambodian wedding
David Morgan of Fort Worth, Texas enjoying a morning out photographing some wildlife Jan 2012