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The PSA Annual Conference

One of the most enjoyable activities of PSA is the week-long Annual Conference. The Annual Conference is held in September or October in a different location each year. All locations are in the United States because of the difficulty in transporting the prints, society supplies, and awards across borders. The past PSA Conference locations illustrate the great variety of photography settings that participants have enjoyed. Background information can be found in the history of the PSA Annual Conference that was prepared for the PSA 75th Anniversary.

During the Annual Conference registrants can participate in photo tours, classes, workshops, and photo shoots. There is an Opening Meeting of the Society with award presentations, an extensive Print Exhibition, a variety of programs, featured speakers in the evenings, social events, a vendor area with product demonstrations, numerous photographic activities, and a Banquet on the last evening.

The PSA Annual Conference is the social event of the year. For many members, it is their first PSA activity. The Conference is a great way to meet people, have a personal encounter with someone whose photography is known, and renew longtime acquaintances.

The end of this section includes the dates, hotel description, and photo opportunities of future PSA Annual Conference locations as soon as they are determined.

Beginning April 1 each year, this section includes all the information needed to register for the upcoming PSA Annual Conference:

2014 PSA Conference, Albuquerque, New Mexico
2013 PSA Conference, Portland, Maine
The following two videos show highlights from two recent PSA Conferences. View them to get a good idea of what to expect when you attend a PSA Conference.