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PPD - 2015-09-25 07:42:00

  • From the Pictorial Print Division
  • Exhibition Medal winners from past calendar year (2014)
  • Four categories: Large Color, Large Mono, Small Color, Small Mono
  • 2014 Award Gallery
  • Click image to enlarge

The Pictorial Print of the Year [PPY] is the Print Division’s Image Of The Year competition. PSA members who won the top three medals in print sections of all the PSA-recognized International Exhibitions during the previous year were invited to enter their award winning prints. First, second and third place awards were presented in four categories: Large Color [LC], Large Monochrome [LM], Small Color [SC] and Small Monochrome [SM]. Each of the twelve winners received a laser carved plaque and a brass title plate. The judges were Joanne Stolte, FPSA, MPSA, Nan Carder, EPSA, and Diane Racey, FPSA, GMPSA. The winners were:
The winning prints are on display at the Print Gallery at the PSA conference at West Yellowstone, MT. All PPY entries will be presented to the PSA Collections Committee for possible entry into the PSA Permanent Print Collection.