Pictorial Print (PPD)

PPD Service Awards

Service Awards

Louis Duncan, PPSA



The PSA Pictorial Print DivisionService Awards Committee seeks out and recognizes division members who have substantially aided and supported the Pictorial Print Division (PPD) throughout the year.

Certificates are awarded on the basis on one's length of service and dedication to the PPD. The PPD Service Medal is awarded annually to an individual who has continued to perform exceptional service in the PPD and must be approved by the PPD Chair.

For additional information, please contact the Director.

2011 PPD Service Award Recipients:

  • None
Appreciation Award:  
  • None 
Award of Excellence:
  • Diane Racey, FPSA, EPSA, 25 years
  • Robert Gorrill, APSA, 20 years
  • Richard Simmons, PPSA, 15 years
  • Joseph Hearst, APSA, PPSA
  • Maria Korab-Laskowska
  • Alex Lane
  • George Landis
  • Jan Lee
  • Kimberly Brock
  • Wally Lee
  • James Martin, APSA
  • Jim Hawkins, APSA, PPSA