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Clubs & Councils - 2014-10-24 12:44:00

  • Now available as easy reference chart and video
  • Arthur P. Henricks, Jr. Memorial Award: Greater Lynn Photographic Association
  • Council or Chapter: Camera Club Council of Tennessee
  • Small Clubs: Coastal Photo Club
  • Large Clubs: Images Alberta Camera Club
  • Award winners

Winners announced at this year's PSA International Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Chapter/Council Section:
1st Place - 3CT in Focus, Camera Club Council of Tennesse, Editor: Pat Gordy
2nd Place - InFocus, PSA Wisconsin Chapter, Editor: Audrey Waitkus
3rd Place - Windy City News, PSA Chicago Chapter, Editor: Marie Rakoczy

Small Clubs Section:
1st Place - Coastal Photo Club News, Coastal Photo Club, Editor: Jeanne Julian
2nd Place - Photo Notes, Park West Camera Club, Editor: Chuck Pine
3rd Place - Rangefinder, Englewood Camera Club, Editor: Brenda Frezeman

Large Clubs Section:
1st Place - Imagery, Images Alberta Camera Club, Editor: Barbara Morban
2nd Place (TIE) - The Reflector, Delaware Photographic Society, Editor: Theresa Yanick
AND Cable Release, Silver Spring Camera Club, Editor: Patrick Stuart
3rd Place - Focal Point, Baltimore Camera Club, Editor: Diane Bovenkamp

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