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Donald Brown, APSA

As Vice President of Membership for PSA, I want to welcome and thank you for visiting PSA's Website. 

Membership covers many areas and there are separate links (in the boxes below) which should help you discover what you need to know.

      • If you'd like to become a member of PSA and want to hear about the benefits of PSA membership, select Thinking about Joining PSA.
      • If you have recently joined PSA, we have a special page to help you get started enjoying all the benefits of your membership. Select First Year Members Area.
      • If you are the director of a membership area and want to avail yourself of resources to assist you in your position, Membership Director Resources will get you there. Get information on how to access this area from the PSA Membership Vice President.
      • If you would like to share your images on our website, select Member Galleries.
      • To see a recap of PSA's 2012 Membership Survey, click here

If there's something you'd like to know about that we haven't covered here, please feel free to contact me.

Select your area of interest, below.

Thinking about Joining PSA?
  • Benefits, Discounts, Rates, PSA Member Application
First Year Members
  • Information to help you enjoy your PSA membership. This area includes a list of New PSA Members, by month, for the past year.
Member Galleries
  • PSA members have many opportunities to showcase their work on the PSA site.
Membership Director Resources
  • Tools to assist PSA Area Membership, State/Province Membership and Country Directors.
  • Membership Directors: please contact the Membership VP to get access to this area
PSA-Member Clubs, Councils and Federations
  • Information on benefits, competitions, communications, current listing of clubs/councils/federations and more.